Do you need money for anything? These are websites where People Will Give You Money For Free in 2020.💰 I would be giving you 11 amazing websites where you can get people to give you money for free.

Why are they giving you this money to support your project, the list is endless. Interested? Let’s begin.


  1. Patreon

Patreon is super popular among the Creative community. Go on their website to create your account. Make sure you read their terms and conditions

You have to input the amount you want your followers to donate to you. In return, you can give them exclusive content on your patron account so make sure you check them out.

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But people might say it’s basically for creators which I strongly believe yes is basically for creators.

If you stay to the end of this article I will give you 10 more amazing platforms like this. So the next one here on our list is called crowd rise.


This is another amazing platform where you can get more people to give you money online. Are you trying to raise money for charity? whatever you want to do you can use this platform to actually raise money. So people are willing to give you money on this platform. People are really ready to give me money. So you don’t have money to start a project or school tuition or medical bill then Crowdrise is for you.

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Stay till the end of this article because I will show you places you can get money for free. Real people that are willing to donate into your life to be able to do what you love to do. The next on the list and I believe it the most popular about them is GoFundMe.


This website is a super popular one. When it comes to websites like this I knew GoFundMe from the onset, like these guys are so amazing. A guy named Jeremy, from France used GoFund Me to raise funds for people in Somalia. People were dying, hunger, starvation as a result of the famine in Somalia.

He used GoFundMe to raise 10 million dollars or more for people in Somalia. Using a group called Love angels that was how I knew about GoFundMe.

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Something amazing about GoFundMe at the end of the campaign you not giving them anything. It means you are not even giving GoFundMe a percentage of the money, so you take in 100% of everything.

You can raise money for anything you need, the best of all is that there is ZERO platform fee. So you don’t have to worry about them making the cut from your money on GoFundMe. So it’s an amazing platform, you need to check out the next one here on our list is fundly.


So fundly it is a very responsive site to navigate and use.

To raise money right so it requires no start up fee.

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About two thousand people on the platform have gotten money from different people all over the world. The next one here on our list which is another super popular one is Kickstart.


I knew about this platform from watching the Entrepreneurship program called shark Tank. In this program, entrepreneurs come to the shark tank to say the amount of money they have made from Kickstart. Kickstart is another amazing platform and it’s super popular too.

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Most people raise money for their board games for their video game for their music album for their books. I think you need to try to check the platform out. Go to the website to learn more about them so that you know what you’re getting yourself involved in. So the next one we have on our list it’s called Indiegogo.


So I really like this platform first of all I like the name of the platform it is called IndieGoGo. They have their headquarters in San Francisco, USA and owned by Indiegogo, Inc.

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Very similar to Kickstarter, the difference is Kickstarter releases funds only after the campaign reaches the goal. Indiegogo funds are released at any time you want to collect your money. So whether or not your funds reach it campaign goal IndieGoGo is ready to release your funds. Next is FundMyTravel


With the name alone you know that it is all about you traveling.

For anything, people are willing to fund your travel so maybe you need to get somewhere for an emergency situation. Maybe you just want to travel for fun but as long it’s for travel. There are people there willing to give you money. All you need to do is to go to the platform and register.

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Create a campaign and convince people why you need their help.

Whether you wanna join Elon Musk space X to go to Mars or to the moon. Who knows people might decide to fund you.

Just visit the platform and check them out read about their terms and conditions and see how it works.


So like every other website listed here Plumfund can help you raise money. For example your baby shower, or anniversary your graduation your travel, you can raise money for sports events or you can raise money for medical bills, animals community funding so the list goes on and on and on. Just like others, these people would give you money for free.

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Another amazing thing about this platform is that no one pays a fee to give or receive stuff online. It is 100 percent free. The next on our list is FundRazr


FunRazr this site has over 145 thousand plus campaigns on it. Like other websites listed it is pretty easy. To start a campaign on this platform you don’t need to pay any fees. It is suitable for a non-charitable organization or you have an issue in your businesses.

All websites are similar so I don’t think you need to choose or rack your head about selecting one.

We have two more websites to go so the next one on our list is called Ulule.


This platform is meant for people who have a business idea.

Do you have an idea and you think people will enjoy the idea or buy the idea? This platform is for you to raise money, for your books or whatsoever.

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They’re probably the same and have the almost the same function to raise funds.

So the last one here today is called Fundable.


Fundable it’s an amazing website you need to use. So far these guys have helped people raise 615 million dollars.

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So fundable stands out for me I don’t know maybe because I like the name too it’s kind of catchy. A business idea and you’re serious about getting started on fundable with few clicks you get your campaign started. These people would give you money for free.

So far I’ve listed 11 platforms. These websites are your go-to platforms if you need a helping hand. What you need to do is Register and create a campaign.

Pro Tip: Make your campaign as real as possible because scammers are ready to swindle people of their money. This makes it difficult to know who is who. You need to sound convincing, you can create a video or audio or graphical illustration to convincing people. The best is to create videos because it is more convincing. Be ready to write good articles about your story. Experts on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork etc can help with that for a fee. Or You can also google how to write a compelling and amazing article on your story.

Also, make sure you give it to someone that reads through to make sure your English spellings are correct. So people won’t get confused by reading your stuff. Learn our ways to make money online on this blog.

Don’t forget to drop your comment below or if you have any issues on any of this platform. Or if you have a suggestion.

Hope this helps. Till we meet again.

Your man,


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