About 10,000 persons try to sign up on Upwork every day but only about 2 percent succeeds.

Here it is. It is no longer news that Upwork has upgraded its Operation, the former methods of opening an Upwork account have changed, as the site grows more popular, they’re also becoming more selective with who can apply for jobs.

Recently, many people have written to me, asking how they can get their profile approved. I know this can be frustrating but if you give me 10 minutes of your time, it will be the most resourceful ten minutes of your life.

I have decided to take my readers by the hand and guide you step by step throughout the whole process in being successful on Upwork, this is part one of the series please do well to read the series to the end.

This post is to help anyone in need of a side income idea or someone finding it difficult to succeed on Upwork or unable to successfully create an approved Upwork account profile.


Upwork is a freelancing platform and by far the best with awesome monetary returns for skilled freelancers all over the world. Unfortunately, Upwork profile rejection has become the norm with newbies not getting a chance to showcase their skills. I know this can be frustrating. You can’t afford to relent when millions are cashing out of the platform

But before we dive in, it is important to keep in mind that if Upwork rejects your profile, it is not the end as I can help to set up an approved Upwork profile of any country and for any category & skills.

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Who is eligible to join Upwork?

* If you are a remote employee working on other freelancing platforms, you can join Upwork to boost your income. Diversification to other freelancing platforms also creates new opportunities to get more clients and increase your freelance income. Apart from, other reputable freelancing platforms are,,,,,, and Further, one of the articles in this series serves as a guide for remote workers on how to write a good proposal based on their niche. Nevertheless, if you intend to offer freelance services but have no idea about the skills you can offer — you can learn more in the article related to in-demand skills in 2020.

* If you are unemployed or underemployed and tired of being broke, you can learn a skill needed as service on freelancing platforms to serve as a source of income till you are opportune to get your desired job. It is important to mention that every undergraduate and graduate can work on Upwork during their free time. All you need is a PC or laptop, an Android phone, an internet connection, and learn a freelance skill via training center, Google, YouTube,, or discover your natural freelance talent. In fact, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Arabic translators/proofreaders are needed at times by foreign clients to translate/correct a text, so no knowledge is a wasted one. One of the articles in the series is a suggestion on some of the topmost selling skills on Upwork. Make sure you check it out to ascertain the skill(s) that best fits your life.

* If you belong to the working class and have the skill to offer as freelance service, you can use your free time or sabbatical leave to earn more income on Upwork. Most employees use their sabbatical leave period to take a break from the stress of work while some utilize the period for personal development, to supervise a project, to carry out voluntary work, to take up another paid job, to travel or to simply freelance. However, the choice is yours on how you spend your free time or sabbatical leave period but dedicating a convenient time to freelance is rewarding as you can earn extra money to take care of some of your expenses.

* If you operate a business with services that can be expanded and promoted online as freelance service, you can join freelancing platforms to increase your revenue. Some of the businesses that can be expanded online are IT security service, internet marketing service, database management service, market research service, business development & management service, CV & resume writing service, copywriting service, medical writing & editing service, accounting service, business plan writing service, legal advice & writing service, social media management, digital marketing business, quantity surveying business, graphic design business, PowerPoint presentation design service, web design business, mobile app design business, eBook & print cover design business, online tutoring service, data entry service, data analysis service, SEO consulting business, translation business, transcription business, audio & video editing business, animated video production service, songwriting service, music production business, building design business, architectural business, CAD & 3D modeling service, typing service, etc.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” — Vince Lombardi

You can make as much as you can on this platform depending on the work you put. There is a great opportunity for everyone that intends to work on Upwork but the importance of the vital tips in the articles below cannot be overemphasized to succeed on Upwork or win big freelance projects.

What can you do to make sure your Upwork profile is accepted?

Apart from your skills set, there are other issues that could get your profile rejected. Let’s take a look at how you can make sure your profile doesn’t end up in the unapproved bin.

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1. Complete your profile
When registering on Upwork, increase your chances of getting accepted by completing your profile. Complete your profile by adding a profile pic, a headline, profile overview, employment history, education, and any other experiences.

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2. Keep improving your profile and try again
If your profile isn’t approved the first time, don’t panic. You can submit it again after making some changes to your skills.

3. Link social media accounts
Link your accounts from social networks and development site profile as it can increase the trust level of your account.

4. Contact Upwork support directly via official social media channels
Contact Upwork Help and Support if you believe that your profile is complete — I am not sure if they approve profiles after they have been rejected but I believe they will at least give you the reason for your rejection and possibly some tips on how to improve it and then you can resubmit it.

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In case you have any issues with your Upwork account creation in whatever country and whatever niche I will want me to assist you, Feel Free to Contact Us Or Chat Me directly on ‘’Whatsapp’’ +2347018310455, at any time, Ok.


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I doubted emmdam at first but he’s a real legit guy. Got an upwork account and now the “rising talent” tag, thanks to him.

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John is a good guy with good communication skills. He just opens a Nigeria Upwork account for me. Always willing to help, and he always responds to questions very fast.

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Would like to say a big thank you to jaytee. He helped me set up a verified account in 2018 or early 2019. Didn’t do much with it. But went back to it December last year and I have been getting steady jobs with the account.

In case you have any issues with your Upwork account creation in whatever country and whatever niche I will want me to assist you, Feel Free to Contact Us Or Chat Me directly on ‘’Whatsapp’’ +2347018310455, at any time, Ok.

Owning an Upwork account isn’t enough in my part two of this series I would teach you how to get high-value clients and earn big on Upwork. Follow me on my blog at

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