How I made 1000USDđź’°monthly on Fiverr as a Nigerian

How to make money on fiverr as a nigerian

How I made 1000USDđź’°monthly on Fiverr as a Nigerian. Have you heard of Fiverr in Nigeria and how freelancers are making money online? Or maybe you’ve been on the platform for so many years without any positive result, if this you, then this article is a must read.

On Fiverr you can begin as an independent freelancer and then scale up to being an agency. Freelancing on Fiverr requires you to get projects done for clients. Read on the reality of freelancing and solutions to being a successful freelancer.

I am going to share how I made 6 figures monthly by applying copywriting on Fiverr here.

So, What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to showcase and sell their services or skills for money. You can make as low as $5 and high as $20,000 or more.

It is very easy to open a Fiverr account unlike Upwork which is difficult to get an approved account. Read on how to get an approved Upwork account in Nigeria.

There are over a Hundred jobs that can be offered on Fiverr, you would be surprised that you can do “Money spell” gigs on Fiverr and sell.

Make money on fiverr in nigeria

Here are The Top five Gig categories on Fiverr

Top Five Gigs Categories

Below are the top highest earning gigs on Fiverr

  1. Copywriting jobs– 100$ – 2000$ per Gig
  2. Website Development Jobs – 100$ – 2000$ per Gig
  3. Graphics Design jobs – 10$ – 1000$ per Gig
  4. Video Marketing – 100$ – 2000$ per Gig
  5. Voice Overs – 10$ – 1000 $ per Gig

Benefits of Fiverr for Nigeria’s Freelancers

  • Easy Registration and Approval (It takes just about Five minutes to signup and start selling on Fiverr.
  • No payment required to start selling.
  • Easy Withdrawal with 3 different methods.
  • Bidding for Projects is Free.
  • A Gig is bought every 5 seconds.
  • You can easily scale your Level and boost your profile.
  • Website/mobile app is easy to navigate and is responsive.
  • Active and Responsive customer care. etc..

Requirements to Get Started

  • An active email account
  • A phone number 
  • A laptop (very important)
  • A Smartphone
  • A PayPal or Payoneer account
  • A government-issued ID card (just in case you’re asked to verify your identity)
  • At least digital skills

Now lets discuss on how I made over 1,000 USD every month on Fiverr and how you can apply it too.

How I made 6 figures monthly by applying copywriting on

I would like to show my 30 days old Fiverr account and how much I have been able to gather.

My earnings on fiverr

I have been able to earn 1,442 USD over the course of 30 days and this was done applying copywriting. What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing text for marketing purposes. It is designed to sell your products or services while establishing a voice for your brand.

The main intention of copywriting is to persuade people to take a particular action, whether it’s purchasing, signing up for something, or any other type of conversion.

What a lot of people do not realize is just how high the demand for copywriting is and how anyone can learn it.

You can just create a gig for copywriting today on Fiverr and start getting orders the same day – they are hugely popular!!

How I Made Money Copywriting on Fiverr

Now that you know the Gig I use to make 1,000 USD every month, it is time to make yours as well.

Follow the steps below 👌🏾

Step 1 – Learn Copywriting

First, I Spent time learning Copywriting and and also practice what I have learnt.

Within few weeks/months I was able to become better in writing copies. If I could do this anyone could. Click here to Learn Copywriting.

Step 2 – Create a Gig on Fiverr

As soon as I was good in writing copies, the next thing I did was to create a Gig on fiverr. It was free, fast and simple. I kept the title short and simple – I will copy write your captivating sales copy. You can also try other gig titles so you come up with an awesome one.

Step 3 – Have a Good Profile

On Fiverr, one of the first thing a buyer notices is your profile. So make a good first impression with your profile. Having a detailed and descriptive profile will take you a long way. Create an eye catching image, upload a video to your gig to make it stand out. I usually use Viddyoze to create my videos. Click this link to get 50% off your purchase. Adding a video increases your orders by over 200%.

Step 4 – Gig Description, Tags and Keywords

Numerous gigs are floating around the web, so you need to tweak your Gig Seo in order for it to be noticed. Your gig description should be reader and user friendly to the buyer.

Another tip is to use repetitive keywords in your profile. If you are a travel writer, then say this throughout the description as well as in your title. By using the same keyword, you’ll show up in the search results for people who look for your phrase.

Step 5 – Buy Positive Reviews for your account

To rank higher and faster on Fiverr you might need to buy reviews for your account. This is a secret I used to rank on Fiverr. One or two is okay for your account. The result is that this would boost your credibility on the platform.

Step 6 – Buy Fake Visitors

Another trick i use is to send fake impression to your gig, another way to improve your SEO. Don’t know where to get one search on Fiverr.

Step 7 – Use accurate Tags

Make sure you use accurate tags for your gigs and also include the keywords you want to rank for in the title and description.

If you are going to do a gig like the one I’ve shown you above, you would use tags like-


Sales Copy

Website Copy

Step 8 – Promote your Gigs

Fiverr has made it possible for sellers to promote their gig on various platforms, like Facebook, twitter etc. Using these platforms as seen the performance of my gig move X2.

So now you understand how to make money on Fiverr – what are you waiting for?

Go and make your first dollar online right now!

Other Tricks I used to achieve six figures are as below.

Use the Fiverr App

The app helps you to stay connected to your clients on the go thereby increasing your response rate and success score on Fiverr.

Upsell your Gig

Even if you’re listing a gig for just $5, the potential to earn more on that one transaction is high. By upselling different services, your buyers will not only be able to customize their order, but you’ll also earn extra bucks on the way.

For example, if you get hired to make a short video advert, you can customize additional features for the buyer to purchase.

Perhaps they are willing to pay extra for multiple versions. Or maybe they want to add other designs to their order. Either way, upselling different product options will provide your buyer with endless possibilities — while earning you more money on Fiverr.

Get a very good feedback from clients

Always aim for five star when working with your client. Not only will a high rating make you more appealing to buyers, but it will also increase your visibility in the search engine. 

Communication is key to successful freelancing

To get a successful project, providing top-notch service will surely win you the rating you deserve. Be available, communicative, and friendly during all your gigs on Fiverr.


Making money in Fiverr is easy, if you have a skill to offer. Set your account, create your first gig. Add an eye-catching image and description and include relevant tags and keywords per gig. Also you can add a video to make your gig stand out.

Offer a genuine service and deliver what you promise to a high standard and within the agreed time frame then anyone can make extra money on Fiverr.

Get more positive feedback this would make your gig stand out and keep customers coming.

I hope all these helps you to make your first dollar online. If you have any issues on Fiverr or want to join my Copywriting class feel free to click here to chat me up on Whatsapp.

Till we meet again,

Your Man


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