Freelancing: Six Expectation vs Reality and what can help you


Freelancing is being able to do particular pieces of work for different employers, rather than working on a regular salary basis. This person can as a writer, performer, designer, marketer, or the like , sell his work or services by the hour, day or job etc.

Are you looking to quit that job and take on freelancing? Have you been fed on how easy freelancing is? and how it gives you freedom to do what you want at anytime you want? Well, in contrast to what you have heard been a freelancer is not easy, while being a newbie in freelancing is even harder. But I assure you that it is so worth it.

In this article we would examine Ten expectation vs reality of freelancing and how you can bridge the gap.

6 Expectations VS Reality of Freelancing and what can help you bridge the gap.

1. Handling Projects

Expectations: I would handle just any project presented to me.

Reality: With Deadlines and Corrections at hand you certainly can’t do all.

Freelancing projects

What can help you: You should break down all the phases and separate tasks involved in a project before committing to a project. You can use similar previous projects to guide on the duration of the task. Always pick task you are capable of delivering well and on time. In the freelancing world review and feedback take would determine how far you would go. So take each project importantly.

2. Revisions

Expectation: I have done a wonderful job the client would love and accept it.

Reality: Even after you think you have done your best the client would still tell you Oh and one more thing…

Freelancing expectation

What can help you: Ask the most important questions during your conversation with your client. Make sure you truly understand what they expect from you and how to go about it.

Communication is key to achieve a better result in freelancing leverage on it. You need to always gather feedbacks from your clients.

3. Earnings

Expectations: In one month I should be earning over 10,000 Dollars.

Reality: Instead of money, can we pay you with exposure?

Freelancing earning

The price of gig is never static in freelancing as the prices flaunt with respect to value. So as a new freelancer how do you come up with a price point that the client will be willing to pay. The truth is much simpler than you think.

Just make the price up! Make up your pricing for every client. There is no formula, no rules, and no perfect way to do it.

4. Freedom

Expectation: I am my own boss now and I can work anytime I want

Reality: Sometimes you have to work overnight to meet the deadlines of clients

Freedom as a freelancer

What can help you: Own your schedule and show up for yourself. You have to decide, commit and then quit when you said you would. Take some time off. It is fine to say No to some jobs, so you can find time for your family and friends. You can also partner with other freelancers.

5. Work Environment

Expectation: I can work in the Cafe, Restaurant or even with pajamas on.

Reality: Sometimes you can be so worked up that you might even forget to do the basics like having a shower or eating.

Work Environment

What can help you: The cost of renting an office, convenience and movement factors makes working from home as a freelancer the most practical place.

However, allowing yourself a change of scenery once in a while can be a great boost for your productivity.

6. Networking

Expectation: I would meet a lot of freelancers and we can conquer the world together

Reality: Most freelancers are busy and so not ready to network, except you are their client

Networking as a freelancer

What can help you: Social gathering can offer opportunities to network. Parties, happy hours, sporting events, gatherings of family and friends—in other words, just about any event that brings people together in significant numbers is an opportunity for freelancers to make connections. This will also provide you with good balance in your life since many freelancers frequently work alone.


Freelancing doesn’t come easy to everyone, but it’s necessary for career growth and success—especially if you want to escape the 9 – 5 job.

What is you favorite Expectation vs Reality check that you have learned? Share in the comments below.

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