Without making sales your business is just a hobby. Are you looking to build your business?

Are you learning sales?

If you aren’t learning sales, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

Telling yourself that you hate selling is only just going to do more damage to you and your business. Also saying that the clients will come to me if I just focus on branding or just creating contents is the biggest lie you can tell yourself.

If you aren’t learning sales, it's just a hubby.

What is the reason you are creating your business, if not to make sales. You might be thinking that you have passion for it.

Well, you can as well start making money from your passion.

If you want to make money from your business, learn sales, it’s the quickest way to turn your finance around.

Reality check, I used to be in denial for quite some time thinking that I can get away without needing to learn how to sell.

The truth is everything is about selling ourselves. In every aspect of our lives, there is no way to escape it. Running a business is a serious thing.

Most people approach sales the wrong way.

Are you trying to make sales?


Trying to sell is costing you sales!!

You may ask. Why?

Selling isn’t about you. It’s about the prospect.

If you focus on selling, you’ll get the opposite and that’s because you aren’t focusing on what is important.

Your potential client.

When you focus on genuinely trying to help your prospect the sales comes much more naturally.

If your potential clients sense that you are trying to sell them they are instantly turned off by this.

Shift your focus from trying to sell to trying to help.

Then the real sale happens.

Start caring about your prospects.

Stop selling and start helping and you would making that sale.

How to make sales online using this 11 proven system.


Before you sell anything there needs to be a plan. This is crucial to helping your business succeed.

Writing down you plan makes it a reality and helps to identify risks and formulate a battle plan.

Create the plan and make your goal BIG!

Write down you sales goals

You are not just an designer, writer, marketer, programmer. If you are in this sales industry you are supposed to close deals.

Writing your goals and taking out time to formulate a plan would save you a lot of time and resource.


Can you sell things without trust? Sure. will you do it consistently, NO!

Pay attention to everything. Use all the information.

Show your client that you care for their need and not that you just want to make the sale and leave.

Take your time building the sale. Your client is not in a rush and if they are, slow them down. Lead them. Be yourself.

Build Trust in your sales

Some would scream buy from me from the gates. This confuses the client. Posting products on your Whatsapp status that looks like waist beard wouldn’t help either.

You want to make decision making easy for your clients and not the other way round.


Be an expert in your field.

People buy from experts and not some novice in the game.

You have to prove to people that you know what you are selling.

Build Value

Show them why your product is the best. Don’t tell them, SHOW THEM!

Be a trend setter. DO NOT be like every other salesman. People want a good deal, so help them find one. But do it on your terms.


If there is no need identified then you have little chance to sell anything. How then do you achieve the need in your niche.


Ask them questions and mean them then listen to their answers. Listening is very important in communication.

You don’t always have to do the taking.

Listen to what they aren’t saying. Pay attention to EVERYTHING!


This is the part of sales I think most overlook. Lets face it, most customers do not know our product as well as we do. It is our job to teach them.

Tell them us our product can be beneficial to them. How it can make their lives better.

Inform and Educate

If it doesn’t benefit them, then the product is useless to them.

If you are in sales, you are an educator, you are a teacher.

Ask yourself the question, What makes my product stand out? Why?

What benefit would people get from using my product.

If done properly, these questions would guide you on ways to inform or educate your potential clients.


Now you have identified a big problem in your niche that needs a solution. Next is to find options that will lead to fixing their problem.

Have multiple things to sell, always provide all of your options. 

Provide irresistible offers that would wow your clients and would make them bring money out of their pockets.

Provide Solutions to their problem without being sale bugging

Being able to fix peoples problems is priceless. Learn how to promote your solutions in a way the client can understand.


This is the stage the literally can make you a millionaire. People buy from people who inspire them.

No wonder brands have ambassadors. People always would want to associate with big names.

You need to inspire your followers.

Show you want to help them, be genuine.

Now is when you use all of the information you have to create excitement and motivate your customer into buying.


Humans are procrastinators in nature. They wouldn’t buy if they know they can get it tomorrow or next month at same price.

Most of the customers can’t answer the question. Why should I buy now? So it’s your job to tell them why.

Strategically position yourself to do the job when YOU want to.

Put urgency into your sales, Offer ends today!! Price goes back to the normal price soon.etc

Urgency closes deals more than anything else. Be a MASTER URGENCY CREATOR.


You need to expect objections in your business. Not everyone would like want you are selling.

So be Prepared.

Some might not even like the way you sell it, simply because you have taken them off market.

Do'nt fear objections in sales

Do not fear objections, use them as a tool.

An objection is not a “No”, it is merely a defense mechanism.

Rejection is not the end of your business. Use want you have learned to make your business bigger and better.


Sounds simple right? It’s not.

The customer is talking to you for a reason, it is not because they love talking to strangers.

You have spent this process selling yourself. That was the plan all along.

That was your goal. Now ask for it.

Now is no time to doubt yourself.

Ask for the damn sale politely and close the deal.


A System can be used over again after you have seen it’s success.

This is the easiest part so far, Repeat and Rinse.

Create a working sales system

After using this system and it has worked for you all you have to do is copy and repeat this same system for your business.

Always test and see what works best for your business.


Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is real power.

Don’t let setbacks, set you back.

People won’t get up to stage 11 before quitting.

You are not most people, you are an action taker and action takers are mountain shakers.

Selling online can be very tedious for beginners, but adding the right skills like sales or copy writing. You can be very good at it.

It is my desire that this sales handbook lets you get better at selling your products and keep clients coming back for more.

Which of them do you find amazing, let me know at the comment section.

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